The Generation Services Business Unit is dedicated to clean, reliable, and low-cost energy for our 12 participating public power communities and districts. We manage seven power plant sites with a capacity of over 600 megawatts – including geothermal steam, hydroelectric and natural gas-fired facilities – that, taken together, amount to a 96% emission free generation portfolio. NCPA’s Generation Services is responsible for state of the art operations and asset management of NCPA plants – which is vital to providing stable and reliable energy supplies to public power communities throughout Northern and Central California.

In addition to the facilities we operate, NCPA is leading the way in growing our renewable energy investments through the establishment of a new Green Pool where our members collectively contract for a diverse mix of renewable resources. The Green Pool will promote the market for renewable projects – and assure clean generation for our member communities. As well, we continually strive to find innovative and productive new ways to enhance our existing facilities to increase renewable generation. For example, NCPA is now partnering with the California Energy Commission, through its grant process, to install new turbines to generate power as treated wastewater from neighboring Lake County is injected into the steam reservoir. This arrangement solves local environmental challenges, while lengthening the life of the Geysers’ steam field where our project is located.

Like the communities and districts we serve, NCPA’s Generation Services Unit is always striving to apply innovative new technologies and practices to promote the economy and protect our environment.