NCPA provides a wide variety of power management services to its Members pursuant to a suite of service based contracts.  Many of the services listed below are described in the context of NCPA’s Members to demonstrate NCPA’s capabilities, however, NCPA is fully able to provide power management services to non-member clients, through service based contracts developed to support the unique needs of a particular client.  The power management services NCPA provides to its Members include, but are not limited to, the following:

Electricity Scheduling and Dispatch
– Schedule Coordination and/or Scheduling Agent services for the coordination and submission of schedules and bids for Member loads, resources, interchange transactions, bilateral transactions, market based transactions, ancillary services and/or other wholesale energy products in the CAISO energy and ancillary services markets, and other wholesale energy markets.
– Pre-Scheduling, scheduling and central dispatch services.
– Outage management and coordination for planned and unplanned outages in accordance with applicable rules and requirements.
– Operation of primary and back-up full time dispatch centers.

Planning and Portfolio Management
– Development of load, resource and price forecasts.
– Short term and long term resource planning and portfolio optimization.
– Nomination, bidding, management and acquisition of Congestion Revenue Rights.
– Management of load and resource balances.
– Short term and long term transacting of energy, capacity, transmission capacity, natural gas, and other related services and products.
– Management of regulatory and compliance requirements, including procurement of Greenhouse Gas compliance instruments and renewable energy.
– Industry Restructuring and advocacy.

Meter Data Management
– Obtaining and maintaining settlement quality meter data in accordance with specified standards, to be used for multiple purposes, including settlement validation and analysis.

Settlement Review, Validation and Reconciliation
– Review, validation and reconciliation of settlement charges and credits for services, disputes initiation and dispute resolution.

Resource Development, Integration and Operations
– NCPA is authorized to acquire, construct, finance and plan for the addition of new supply resources, including a multi-phased process for development and integration of new generating capacity.
– Acts as project manager or agent for operation of multiple complex generating assets, including natural gas combined-cycle generation.
– Management of daily and intra-day natural gas nominations associated with thermal generation assets.

Risk Management and Analysis
– Credit and transaction mark to market.
– Enforcement of risk management policies and regulations.
– Counterparty credit assessments.
– Transaction confirmation and tracking.
– Reporting and market analysis.

Reporting and Data Management
– Storage of market, scheduling and settlement data in  a redundant Oracle database, to ensure accurate and flexible management of information.
– Provision of tools that can be used by Members to access and store historical and real-time information for review and analysis.