Information Services provide a variety of software, hardware and consulting services for infrastructure needs and in response to requests from business units. The primary work products are:

Office Automation- An integrated system of personal computers networked together along with a standard array of office productivity software is provided to virtually every professional employee in the home office and in the field offices. In addition, special productivity needs are accommodated (e.g., transmission planning software and hardware).

Scheduling & Dispatch Support - Provide customized software needed to facilitate scheduling & dispatch of NCPA resources and for scheduling coordination and interchange management services to outside organizations.

SCADA System Support - Provide software and hardware to support the monitoring and control of NCPA resources and loads.

Accounting Support – Install, de-bug, and provide on-going support for the new accounting software. Integrate the accounting software with other NCPA business software (e.g., pool billing, scheduling, work order and budgeting software).

Pooling Support - Provide software and consulting services needed to schedule and track pooling transactions which are increasing in number and complexity as the pool and individual pool members take advantage of a variety of market transactions to reduce costs. Review bills and respond to member questions each month.

Industry Deregulation Services - Provide software and hardware needed to participate in a de-regulated industry (e.g., data links to ISO and supporting software, a relational data base to provide a powerful information system in support of increased dispatch and scheduling activities).