This is where your journey starts. An internship at NCPA will supplement your college learning and give you the experience you need to hit the ground running in your professional life.

How to Apply

We made applying for a job at NCPA as simple as possible.


“My internship gave me hands-on experience in the public power industry. I was able to be part of NCPA’s network of employees who work together to make a difference in our communities.” – NCPA Intern


“Through my internship, I was embedded into NCPA’s culture. The people and mentorship I received is what made NCPA really stand out.” – NCPA Intern


“My internship at NCPA was so valuable for my professional development. It taught me real life skills like problem solving, decision making, and working as a team. It gave me real world experience and confidence in my skills.” – NCPA Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I eligible for an internship?

A: Interns must be academically enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited four-year college or university. Each intern opportunity is different, so please review the education and/or experience required in each job posting to confirm.

Q: When will internship opportunities become available?

A: Most internships become available in summer months, which we typically start recruiting for in spring. Some internships are available throughout the year.  Check our website periodically for postings.

Q: Will I gain mentorship during my internship?

A: Yes, consistent feedback and professional coaching are a key part of the internship experience. In addition, interns have the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best and brightest minds in the energy sector.

Q: Are interns able to tour the Plants?

A: Absolutely! Each year our interns receive a tour of our Lodi Energy Center (Lodi, CA) and Hydroelectric facility (Murphys, CA) where you’ll get to meet various Plant staff and see, first-hand, how our generation units work. At our plants, you’ll learn from seasoned energy sector professionals about the plants, how they operate, how they are funded and how they contribute to NCPA’s success.

Q: Will there be opportunities to network with other interns?

A: Yes, our annual intern tour provides an opportunity to connect with other NCPA interns, as well as our Member’s interns. From our speaker series with NCPA leadership, to exploring our plants, there are a range of activities that promote networking with other interns.

Q: Are internships available in your Member cities?

A: Yes, in addition to internships through NCPA, our Members also offer internships. NCPA facilitates the recruitment for our members which include opportunities in various fields and locations, such as the City of Redding, the City of Healdsburg, City of Lodi and more!

Q: Does NCPA only offer summer internships?

A: No, NCPA currently offers two different types of internships. Full-time internships are available for summer employment and part-time internships are available year round.  Each individual job positing will specify this information.

Q: Can I intern for NCPA or one of its Members for more than one summer?

A: Yes, it’s possible, however, you have to reapply and go through the recruitment process each year.

Q: What are the benefits of interning with NCPA?

A: We focus on you as the intern! We want you to gain as much industry knowledge as possible during your time with us. The sky is the limit during your internship with NCPA. On top of that, we also offer competitive pay and flexible schedules!

Q: Can I find more information on social media?

A: Absolutely, search #PoweringTheFuture and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about NCPA.

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