Every department, team, and individual at NCPA works together towards a common goal – to be the premier provider of energy services.  At NCPA, you will discover an organization of diverse thinkers that continually make a difference in our local communities.


Administrative Services

NCPA’s Administrative Services Department is comprised of five divisions: Finance, Human Resources, Information Services, Risk Management, and General Services. Working together, these divisions manage much of the Agency’s organizational infrastructure, financial processes and systems, technology, and people, ensuring that the Agency’s employees have the tools and environment they need to provide our members and communities the best possible service.


Executive Services

NCPA’s Executive Services Department is comprised of two divisions: the General Manager’s Office that includes our General Manager, and Legal that includes our General Counsel. Working together, these departments manage much of the Agency’s Governance, Contracts and Agreements and stakeholder relationships. Both of these divisions work closely with the Agency’s Members and their elected representative on the Commission that governs NCPA’s policies, decisions, finance and strategic direction.


Generation Services

NCPA’s Generation Services Department is dedicated to clean, reliable, and low-cost energy for participating public power communities and districts. NCPA manages seven power plant sites with a capacity of over 600 megawatts ( including geothermal steam, hydroelectric and natural gas-fired facilities)  that, taken together, amount to a 96% emission free generation portfolio. NCPA’s Generation Services Department is responsible for state-of-the-art operations and asset management of NCPA plants, which is vital to providing stable and reliable energy supplies to public power communities throughout Northern and Central California.


Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

NCPA’s Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department provides representation for its Members at the state, local, and federal levels, and in both the legislative and regulatory arenas. Through the active participation of the locally elected officials who comprise NCPA’s Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee, the Agency advances consumer-oriented, environmentally and socially responsible policies on behalf of the communities NCPA represents. Throughout the year, NCPA members actively participate in state and local policy forums, and work closely with policymakers and their staff to partner on initiatives that promote affordable, reliable, and clean energy resources.


Power Management

NCPA’s Power Management Department provides a variety of wholesale energy market services to its Members and customers. Services include, scheduling coordination, load forecasting, transactional services, real-time dispatch and control center services, and reliability standards compliance. NCPA owns and operates a full-time scheduling and dispatch center that was commissioned in 1985 and became one of the first scheduling coordinators certified by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) in 1998. NCPA provides scheduling coordination and dispatch services for over 40 generating facilities consisting of a large variety of generation technologies.

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