4332 Vallecito Street, Shasta Lake, CA 96019

(530) 275-7400

The City of Shasta Lake (COSL), pop. 10,250, incorporated in 1993 and took over utility services previously administered by the Shasta Dam Area Public Utility District, which was founded around the time Shasta Dam was constructed. Today, COSL serves 4,600 electric customers mostly within its City boundaries. Residential, commercial, and industrial customers make up approximately 92.5%, 7.1%, and 0.4% of the number of customers, respectively, and electricity deliveries (kWh) to these customer classes are approximately 20.0%, 5.5%, and 74.5%, respectively. COSL is governed by a 5-member city council elected, and under this local control, COSL has some of the lowest cost and most reliable electricity service in Northern California.